Rua Vasco Santana, 7, 3ºdrt, Portela, Portugal



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In this building from the mid-nineteenth century, with four residential fractions, we have looked for an intervention, with assertive demolitions and maintenance of fundamental elements that could enable the recreation of minimal housing, guarantying a contemporary sense of comfort and healthiness. Since the interior room corresponds to the largest inside the fraction, with no direct light or ventilation, the internal wall removal was necessary, as well as the floor above. The mains exterior walls and the staircase are maintained integrally. A new infrastructure core is created, with kitchen and bathroom, dividing the social room from the private room, both enlightened and ventilated. In the first floor fractions, the void between the celling and roof was appropriated, with a creation of a mezzanine above the infrastructure core. For the floor, due to the small spans, a laminated wood beams structure is proposed, under a layer of plywood sheets, defining the new environments.


Ano/Year: 2017_2018



Área construída/Built area: 150m2

Cliente/Client: Privado/Private

Equipa/Team: André Costa, Marina Malagolini

Rodrigo Lino Gaspar

Especialidades/Technical Projects: Core Projects